My music and art is funded by many tiny streams of income, flowing into a (tiny) river. For example, this includes: CD sales, streaming music online and tip jar donations at shows. More than anything, I rely on kindness and karma to make it in this world.

The biggest way you can support me is booking a show. If you have a favorite venue or event that you think would be a good fit – tell them about me! Or drop us a note and my booking agent will contact them directly. That is the MOST supportive thing you can do. Buying my music, films and books is also incredibly awesome as well.


If you can offer anything to keep me on the road, then please donate using the button below. Your donations will help with food, fuel and the expenses related to being a touring musician and artist. I am so grateful for your support…thank you from the bottom of my heart!paypal_logo_donate


I started playing music as a “busker” – singing on street corners for spare change. The spirit of those early days remains, except now I have a website and an online tip jar. If you’d like to throw me a few coins (or dollars) please click the tip jar image below. I promise your online tip will help pay for expenses directly related to being a touring musician and artist. Thanks so much for your support. Next time I see you at a show, be sure to say “hello” and let me know if you have any song requests!



If you really want to be an awesome human, consider becoming a Patreon patron. I am creating a new album every six months for the next two decades (2019 – 2039). Album release dates will always be January 15 and June 15 each year. Help support this ambitious project by visiting my Patreon page. Thanks for your love and positive vibes!