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How To Think About Film
by Jack Norton

Film is meant to destroy, not document.

Film is the ultimate liar.

Film is a fraud, a phony, a fake.

Film is to remain pure, untouched, holy.

Film is a religious icon, so shit all over it.

Film is a study in the rejection of reality.

Film is the great emancipator, so put a bullet to its head.

Film is dead, if it does not hurt.

Film is a longing that will never be satisfied.

Film is a good way to celebrate sin.

Film is a joke if superheroes are involved.

Film is a rape victim if a major studio is involved.

Film is a murder victim if a celebrity is involved, avoid the famous at all costs.

Film is meant to be free, so don’t put a price on it – just let it breathe.

Film is a mistress with really nice tits.

Film is your brain on drugs, this is a very good thing.

Film is the only sane thing in a very, very insane world.

Film can capture the chaos, and is the only medium with the ability to do so.

Film is unable to always capture the chaos, so its best to just give in and embrace it: fuck-ups and all that jazz.

Film is best served frantically at the last possible minute.

Film is the insane ramblings of a broken god.

Film levels all, unites all, and breaks all.

Film is a study in isolationism.