jacknorton_barnIn celebration of Jack’s new album, “Busker’s Blues”, he is now scheduling dates for “The Busker’s Blues House Concert Tour 2019”. This is an exciting way for audiences to see Jack in a very intimate, private, acoustic setting…all in the comfort of your home! 

Jack typically plays theaters, performing arts centers, fairs and festivals, and for the first time in his decades long career he is devoting the year to performing the majority of his shows in a house concert setting. If you’re not familiar with the tradition, a house concert is a musical event that is presented in someone’s home or apartment, or a nearby small private space such as a barn, apartment rec room, lawn or back yard. This setting provides audiences with a warm, inviting and intimate experience. It’s like your own private episode of “Behind The Music”, with Jack sharing the stories that inspired the songs.

If you’re interested in hosting a house concert event, drop us a line today. We are currently booking dates all across the United States, Canada and in Europe.

For more info on the history of house concerts, click here. Below are some frequently asked questions…

EPSON MFP imageHow does this work?
You email us, we see if Jack will be in your area sometime in the next year (spoiler alert: he probably will be). We discuss the logistics and confirm a date and time for the show. We will work with you to help provide everything you need to tell your friends about the event.

What do I need to provide?
In short: a performance space and an audience! That’s it. Jack will bring absolutely everything else necessary to accommodate a crowd of up to 100 people.

How long is the show?
A typical evening would start around 6:00 PM. You would invite your friends for cocktails or a potluck. Jack will mingle with your guests, tell some bad jokes and make everyone feel welcome. At 7:00 PM his first set will start. Around 8:00 PM there’s a short break for about 15 minutes. At 8:15 PM Jack starts his second set of music and plays until around 9:15 PM. Guests can linger as long as you’d like after the show. Sometimes bonfires and jam sessions have been known to happen late into the night! Whatever your vibe is, Jack will accommodate.

How much does this cost?
For to secure performances in the United States and Canada, Jack requires a refundable security deposit of $250. The balance is $750 which would be due after his show. Most house concert hosts asks that their guests provide a suggested donation of $20 to the event. This means you only need fifty friends to cover Jack’s entire performance fee! Of course, if you feel strange asking your friends to make a suggested donation, you can certainly just pay Jack’s performance fee directly. For performances in Europe, no security deposit is required. The performance fee is simply a “pass-the-hat” situation, with Jack earning 100% of whatever is donated from his friendly European audiences. We ask that European concert hosts provide Jack with a room to spend the evening.



Meet Jack Norton, musical purveyor of hokum blues and vaudeville folk. He has been called “one of the most entertaining acoustic musicians in the Midwest” by the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Jack Norton’s stated goal is to “corrupt an audience with pleasure”. For the past two decades he has been doing just that by quietly producing a body of work that includes dozens of albums, films, books and nearly 250 live shows a year in Europe, Canada and the United States. They call Jack the “Hobo Minstrel” and he’s performed at some of the largest and most well respected venues in the world. He was recently named “Artist Of The Year” by the Minneapolis Star Tribune and the late oddball ukulele legend Tiny Tim hailed Norton as “the greatest entertainer I have ever seen!” Norton has shared the stage with such greats as Willie Nelson, Norah Jones, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Alejandro Escovedo, Greg Brown, Leon Redbone and Faith Hill.

Jack NortonJack Norton plays what the St. Paul Pioneer Press describes as “fresh and refreshing blend of absolutely original folk, country blues and ragtimey jazz.” Billboard Magazine hailed Jack as “an artist to watch…certainly deserving of far greater recognition!”

He’s inspired by the numerous traveling vaudeville medicine shows and minstrel troupes of the 1920s and the bluesy jazz  of the 1930s and 40s. Jack references everyone from Emmett Miller and Al Jolson to Blind Lemon Jefferson, Robert Johnson or Blind Willie McTell.  Performing original songs, hokum blues ballads and forgotten Tin Pan Alley gems of the vaudeville era, Norton is highly entertaining and has been called a “one man jug band” as he accompanies himself on his trusty antique parlor guitar, a vintage ukulele, an old stomp box, jug, kazoo-a-phone, harmonicas and his mouth trumpet.


In 2019, Jack will be touring Europe, Canada and the United States as a solo artist to promote his new album Busker’s Blues. His hokum blues and vaudeville folk music is a great fit for music festivals, arts fairs and festivals, performing arts centers, theaters, listening rooms, folk music clubs, bars, breweries and wineries.

For more information, please contact Jack’s booking agent Dave today! Thanks for your interest in Jack Norton.


“Jack Norton is the greatest entertainer I have ever seen.”
Tiny Tim

billboard_article“Among the indies deserving far greater recognition is Jack Norton…certainly someone to watch.”
Billboard Magazine

“A fresh and refreshing blend of absolutely original folk, country blues and ragtimey jazz. Jack Norton is one of the most entertaining acoustic musicians in the Midwest.”
Minneapolis Star Tribune

“Jack Norton is uniquely American…a near brilliant songwriter.”
The Washington Post

Jack Norton“Two-thirds vaudeville huckster, one-third weary traveler, Jack Norton is the owner of a warble that is as once charming enough to lure a gaggle of easy marks behind a carnival curtain, and seemingly earnest enough to wrench a tear (and maybe a few bucks) from a stranger on the bus.”
City Pages

“Very good, unique style.”
Leon Redbone



“Vaudeville isn’t dead, it’s just being redefined by Jack Norton. His music is lo-fi, sometimes jazzy, sometimes ragtime Americana honky-tonk blues – which manages to be simultaneously fresh and evocative of those classic saloon sounds. Meanwhile, his performances themselves would probably fall under the category of nonstop, over-the-top entertainment.”
The Local Planet

“Norton’s music is a brand of pure blue-collar poetry – snapshots of working-class life in the heart of America set to whiskey-drinker’s music. His new album continues the evolution from novelty musician to soulful folkie. Norton himself shows glimmerings of a younger, more coherent Bob Dylan.”

jacknorton_headinborder“Really bold, undeniably original stuff.”
Missoula Independent

“Along the way you are treated to a twisted journey through musical history with ragtime, jazz, parlor music and hokum blues, all mixed with comedy and slapstick prop work. Norton’s shows are always high energy and unpredictable, so expect the unexpected. Jack has an undeniable talent for injecting traditional jazz with enough soul that it’s hard to believe he’s in his early twenties.”
Pulse Of The Twin Cities

“Norton has come to relish his outsider status. His albums offer an eccentric mix of traditional folk, blues, ragtime and early bluegrass and his theatrical influenced live shows have made Jack Norton an oddly brilliant standout in roots music.”
Minneapolis Star Tribune

“My hope for the future of America.”
Nick Tosches

jacknorton_barn“If you see only one show this year, it should be this one. Part music show. Part vaudeville act. Part circus sideshow. Complete with fancy finger-picking, singalongs and bad jokes. It has to be seen to be believed. You’d be sure to impress a date by attending this fun, intimate and bizarre old-timey show. I get the strong impression that Jack Norton, having been steeped in the vaudeville tradition since childhood, is presenting an authentic and well-researched show. Yet his shows are far from academic – clearly everything comes straight from the heart. His musicianship is excellent. His shows are fun, uplifting and the perfect way to unwind. Allow yourself to be transported to a different time and place for a couple of hours and forget about the worries of today’s more complicated world.”
How Was The Show

“See him now: someday you’ll be able to say you knew Jack Norton before he was famous.”
Siren Magazine

“Imagine a raw and youthful Tom Waits, delving with untempered earnestness into musical Americana nuggets of country blues, pre-ragtime jazz and early jump blues. This is another perfect record from Jack Norton.”
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

“It’s a pleasure working with Jack. He knows what music is, and how it should be played!”
Dave Van Ronk


For more information, please contact Jack’s booking agent Dave today! Thanks for your interest in Jack Norton.